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Midstream in the Midlands

It wasn’t just emotion inspired by a progesterone over dosage but emotion inspired by a truly beautiful view from our bedroom. Last weekend, my husband and I went away for a romantic getaway to the Drakensberg (Dragon mountain), a mighty mountain range stretching 1000km across three South African provinces. We stayed in a lakeside cabin… Continue reading Midstream in the Midlands

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On the outside, looking in

In primary school, I was already well aware that I was a nerdy hippie. I always seemed to have the wrong clothes, uncool suitcase and dorky interests - luckily our parents raised my siblings and me to be confidently weird and to be proud of our unique characteristics. As an adult I realised that every… Continue reading On the outside, looking in

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High hopes & expectations – Black holes & revelations

I wouldn’t call it a proper nervous breakdown… no tears have been shed, no chocolates destroyed. It is more of a mini symptom Googling attack, followed by fluctuating levels of hope plateauing into confusion. Yup – that is the reality of 7dp5dt. Hope is an estranged friend. My husband and I have become extreme realists… Continue reading High hopes & expectations – Black holes & revelations

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In vivo forces (IVF)

TWW, PUPO, FET, ICSI, IVF, POAS, HCG, 6DP5DT - I find myself on the edge of Google - in limbo once again, drifting between moments of complete calm and panicky 5 minute attacks of overanalysing symptoms meant to only confuse. We had two embryo shooting stars transferred back into their galaxy last week Tuesday and… Continue reading In vivo forces (IVF)

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My Red Hot Chili Pepper

NOTE TO SELF: Even if you wash the peri-peri (extra hot) spice from your hands after eating some amazingly hot Nando's, the chilli molecules will be absorbed by your fingertips, to only be activated when you: a.) Remove your contact lenses (my eyes aaaaaah!) b.) Put in a Progesterone vaginal suppository (suddenly my eyes are… Continue reading My Red Hot Chili Pepper

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Secret stress & panic rooms

It happens unexpectedly. At 4 o'clock in the morning I wake from a dream where a panel of ex-boyfriends are told that I'm infertile and that they all probably dodged the same wonky, polycystic bullet. The grandfather clock chimes: 04:15 - I start thinking about managing the lab team since our boss is on leave… Continue reading Secret stress & panic rooms

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Clumsy athletes and anxious angels

Have you seen the little girl, with tangled blonde curls, day dreaming and singing to herself? She has an army of nervous angels surrounding her, as she stumbles over the side walk, narrowly missing her loose shoe lace and oncoming traffic, completely oblivious. My poor angels complain to God constantly about my clumsiness and that… Continue reading Clumsy athletes and anxious angels

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Visualisation and insemination

The sun's reflection rises in the mirrors of Sandton's glass buildings. A light breeze moves the Earth with anticipation. The athletes stretch in silence - comparing confidence, muscles and luck. They take their positions at the start line and the scene relaxes in slow motion. The breeze holds its breath to allow the African drums… Continue reading Visualisation and insemination