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Tiger, Tiger, burning bright

I see it in my growing obsession with the full moon, the extra chin hairs that have sprouted and the wildness of my eyes. I feel irritation and irrationality boiling underneath my human skin, my eyes twitching, my growl – a warning. I have lost interest in mundane discussions about traffic and politics – my… Continue reading Tiger, Tiger, burning bright

Infertility schmertility · Metaphysics and philosophy

No clowns in this circus!

"I'm scared of darkness. I'm scared of light. I'm scared of the monsters under my bed. I'm scared of earth worms and politics, dentists, ghosts and critique. I'm scared of yes. I'm scared of no. I'm scared of dying before I start to grow." - A translation of one of my very old poems from… Continue reading No clowns in this circus!