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In vivo forces (IVF)

TWW, PUPO, FET, ICSI, IVF, POAS, HCG, 6DP5DT - I find myself on the edge of Google - in limbo once again, drifting between moments of complete calm and panicky 5 minute attacks of overanalysing symptoms meant to only confuse. We had two embryo shooting stars transferred back into their galaxy last week Tuesday and… Continue reading In vivo forces (IVF)

Infertility schmertility · Metaphysics and philosophy

Not about me

The rocket ship containing my two little follicles, lovingly nick named The Scientist & The Artist, unfortunately crashed in a fiery explosion. I expected it with severe PMS symptoms and spotting in my second week of the horrible TWW (two week wait). Still, hope is a resilient and foolish creature, always finding Googled symptoms in… Continue reading Not about me