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Spinal muscular atrophy – A poem

I never thought I would share my deepest secrets with 100 followers! Thank you for letting me vent, allowing me to be lost and accepting me with all my quirks! I'd like to celebrate by sharing one of my poems with you that has been visiting my mind frequently since my Dad-in-law passed away. I… Continue reading Spinal muscular atrophy – A poem

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Welcome little one, you are 25% me

I have been typing a patient report for two hours, not being able to get past the first sentence: "This patient presents with..." Babies! Nope... that's not right. This patient indeed did not present with babies. Take a deep breath, let's try again... "The patient presents with..." A FREAKIN' BABY! A gorgeous dark haired baby,… Continue reading Welcome little one, you are 25% me