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“MAGIC solution to infertility!” (I’m lying but I got your attention, right?)

Every person’s physical and emotional journey to potential pregnancy is unique which is fitting since every person’s bodily structures, limitations and hormone levels are different. Yet, there are still some universal methods we all try to boost our chances. We will do whatever it takes! Whether it’s alternative medicine, giving up chocolate, meditation retreats, emotional… Continue reading “MAGIC solution to infertility!” (I’m lying but I got your attention, right?)

Infertility schmertility

Answering inappropriate questions

I remember the first time someone congratulated me on being pregnant. I was 28 years old, making up a chemical solution in the lab and definitely not pregnant. “Congratulations!” the student said to me as I realised I was humming out loud. “Uh… Sorry, with what?” I asked in confusion. “You’re pregnant!” the student said… Continue reading Answering inappropriate questions

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A 12 week wait

My husband and I never allowed ourselves to consider life after a positive pregnancy test. We avoided discussions about names, parenting styles and pregnancy announcements. I stopped imagining a pregnant belly the moment I walked into the fertility clinic and realised that I might never experience pregnancy except in warped dreams. Averting my eyes when… Continue reading A 12 week wait

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Midstream in the Midlands

It wasn’t just emotion inspired by a progesterone over dosage but emotion inspired by a truly beautiful view from our bedroom. Last weekend, my husband and I went away for a romantic getaway to the Drakensberg (Dragon mountain), a mighty mountain range stretching 1000km across three South African provinces. We stayed in a lakeside cabin… Continue reading Midstream in the Midlands

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On the outside, looking in

In primary school, I was already well aware that I was a nerdy hippie. I always seemed to have the wrong clothes, uncool suitcase and dorky interests - luckily our parents raised my siblings and me to be confidently weird and to be proud of our unique characteristics. As an adult I realised that every… Continue reading On the outside, looking in

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Embryo lullabye

Your lullabye consists of: the humming of your freezer crib, gossip & glassware chiming in the lab, traffic & sirens on Sandton highways, desperate couples whispering softly. ☆ Your dreams consist of: what ifs, what nots, what have yous, talents realised, laughter felt, your parents' love for your detail, planets hurtling through space. ☆ My… Continue reading Embryo lullabye

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Two moons in the sky

My toes leave the ground; My atoms float in limbo. My clothes in a heap on the ground; My goodbye - without a sound. My heart loses its rhythm, its signal; My thoughts evaporate and expand. My carbon rearranges in a black hole And I become Hydrogen, I become Helium. -------------------------------------------------------- A life changing moment… Continue reading Two moons in the sky

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Carbon based magic

Not unlike a soap opera, IVF is a tale of intrigue, back stabbing (with needles), evil twins and unconventional love. Herewith, the bold and beautiful days of our lives... Follicle count Like a rockstar on holiday, I always feel edgy while waiting to start fertility treatment. But when the baseline scan arrives, I am suddenly… Continue reading Carbon based magic