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Demolition & reconstruction

There is excitement and magic in watching the planned demolition of a building. The crowd gathers for the countdown, the sun beatles screech in the silence and then... The Bang! The tumble, the crash. The boring bit, for which no one hangs around, is the cleaning of the rubble, the sweeping of dust, the planning… Continue reading Demolition & reconstruction

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My rollercoaster hit a low curve…

"Here is a pic of what our little blastocysts look like!" I boasted on family message groups and Instagram like the mad scientist I am. I walked around with a stupid grin on my face all of Saturday. I even smiled broadly at pregnant ladies and high fived some kids in the grocery shop. Sunday… Continue reading My rollercoaster hit a low curve…

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Carbon based magic

Not unlike a soap opera, IVF is a tale of intrigue, back stabbing (with needles), evil twins and unconventional love. Herewith, the bold and beautiful days of our lives... Follicle count Like a rockstar on holiday, I always feel edgy while waiting to start fertility treatment. But when the baseline scan arrives, I am suddenly… Continue reading Carbon based magic

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Rose buds and turtle eggs

I'm a little hen fluffing the straw around my little follicle eggs. I've build a nest of the finest feathers, fresh grass and rose petals. These 14 follicles are held tight below my heart. If anyone comes close, I hiss threateningly and bare my animal teeth. My octopus fingers caress the injection bruises on my… Continue reading Rose buds and turtle eggs

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Sometimes I forget

Scientists go crazy for conferences. We always have an internal competition about who can collect the most freebies from exhibitors; we love a good party with professors dancing on tables and although most of us are introverts, we love to accidently hang out and network with other passionate nerds. Working in the public sector and… Continue reading Sometimes I forget

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What is your theme song?

“Those who have a 'why' to live, can bear with almost any 'how'.”- Victor Frankl A few weeks ago, we had a seminar by Dr Paula Fernandes, a psychologist from the Femina Breast Clinic, Pretoria. She counsels women who are diagnosed with breast cancer and have to make difficult decisions with regards to genetic testing… Continue reading What is your theme song?

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IVF: That’s what’s up!

"I have a "higher level" question for you Dr Y... If we force people who are not supposed to have children, to have children, are we not tempting fate? Won't we increase our chances of having an abnormal product? Where is the line?" I was both devastated and impressed by my husband's question. Our doctor… Continue reading IVF: That’s what’s up!

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No clowns in this circus!

"I'm scared of darkness. I'm scared of light. I'm scared of the monsters under my bed. I'm scared of earth worms and politics, dentists, ghosts and critique. I'm scared of yes. I'm scared of no. I'm scared of dying before I start to grow." - A translation of one of my very old poems from… Continue reading No clowns in this circus!

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Going rogue on Instagram!

Hey pretty friends! I created an Instagram account linked to this blog. If you're technologically advanced and hip like me (do people still use the term: "hip"? 🙈) please follow me @rogue.scientist. I promise an unhealthy mix of badly drawn cartoons, funny infertility moments, devastating tragedy, hormone flares, crazy happiness and cat photos. *Follow me… Continue reading Going rogue on Instagram!

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Not about me

The rocket ship containing my two little follicles, lovingly nick named The Scientist & The Artist, unfortunately crashed in a fiery explosion. I expected it with severe PMS symptoms and spotting in my second week of the horrible TWW (two week wait). Still, hope is a resilient and foolish creature, always finding Googled symptoms in… Continue reading Not about me