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Cruel to be kind

When you take part in a talent competition or submit a scientific article/thesis - you expect the quality of your work to get critically assessed by a panel of experienced professionals. It's not personal - it's an opportunity to grow. Similarly, when you voice an opinion on social media, you have to be prepared for… Continue reading Cruel to be kind

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Graciously vulnerable

I never wanted to be the red eyed, slurring, drunk lady at the bar who shares her tragic story with whomever is unfortunate enough to wait a little too long for their cocktail/beer/brannewyn & Coke. We all have that one aunty whose service providers are always unreasonable and that one friend whose boyfriends are always… Continue reading Graciously vulnerable

Infertility schmertility · Metaphysics and philosophy

The fairy godmother’s honesty policy

A lesson in honesty "Hi Dad! I have a little home-coming gift for you!". My parents have just returned from their foodie vacation in New Orleans and Boston, USA and my sister and I went to welcome them back one afternoon after work. It was the day after my birthday, 18 October, and we were… Continue reading The fairy godmother’s honesty policy