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A 12 week wait

My husband and I never allowed ourselves to consider life after a positive pregnancy test. We avoided discussions about names, parenting styles and pregnancy announcements. I stopped imagining a pregnant belly the moment I walked into the fertility clinic and realised that I might never experience pregnancy except in warped dreams. Averting my eyes when… Continue reading A 12 week wait

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Jeep. Sunday drive. Sunshine. Discussing life.

Drive to Hartbeespoortdam “Harties”, North-West province – 58km, 1 hour My husband and I decided to test out his snazzy new Jeep and took a drive to Hartbeespoortdam this past Sunday. It's a scenic drive between the Magaliesberg mountains and thorny green bushveld, very popular among motorbike fanatics. The rest of us non-motorbike fanatics love… Continue reading Jeep. Sunday drive. Sunshine. Discussing life.

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On being an infertile scientist

I used to think of symptoms as clues to guide us scientists to know where to look in the DNA blueprint for mistakes in the genetic code (mutations). Since my father-in-law, who is affected with motor neuron disease (MND/ALS) moved in with us, the term atrophy now means that since last week he cannot pick… Continue reading On being an infertile scientist