ALS/MND Stories · Metaphysics and philosophy

Eulogy of a runner

*I've been spending my time doing a different style of dark writing - eulogies, tributes, acknowledgements and speeches for my Dad-in-law's funeral. It is incredibly challenging & a great responsibility to summarise a life! I'm cheating a bit but I'm exhausted, so... with no further ado: some exerpts of my eulogy speech* -------------------------------------------------- Anonymous husband… Continue reading Eulogy of a runner

ALS/MND Stories · Metaphysics and philosophy

Grave to cradle

These words will not be well thought through. The emotions will be jumbled, the sentences half finished and the spelling unchecked. Because just like that. Oxygen stops being absorbed by the lungs. The last heart beat echos away. My Dad-in-law's soul floats gently through the open window, over the swaying trees of Parktown and Johannesburg… Continue reading Grave to cradle