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In vivo forces (IVF)

TWW, PUPO, FET, ICSI, IVF, POAS, HCG, 6DP5DT - I find myself on the edge of Google - in limbo once again, drifting between moments of complete calm and panicky 5 minute attacks of overanalysing symptoms meant to only confuse. We had two embryo shooting stars transferred back into their galaxy last week Tuesday and… Continue reading In vivo forces (IVF)

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Embryo lullabye

Your lullabye consists of: the humming of your freezer crib, gossip & glassware chiming in the lab, traffic & sirens on Sandton highways, desperate couples whispering softly. ☆ Your dreams consist of: what ifs, what nots, what have yous, talents realised, laughter felt, your parents' love for your detail, planets hurtling through space. ☆ My… Continue reading Embryo lullabye

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Demolition & reconstruction

There is excitement and magic in watching the planned demolition of a building. The crowd gathers for the countdown, the sun beatles screech in the silence and then... The Bang! The tumble, the crash. The boring bit, for which no one hangs around, is the cleaning of the rubble, the sweeping of dust, the planning… Continue reading Demolition & reconstruction

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My rollercoaster hit a low curve…

"Here is a pic of what our little blastocysts look like!" I boasted on family message groups and Instagram like the mad scientist I am. I walked around with a stupid grin on my face all of Saturday. I even smiled broadly at pregnant ladies and high fived some kids in the grocery shop. Sunday… Continue reading My rollercoaster hit a low curve…

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Carbon based magic

Not unlike a soap opera, IVF is a tale of intrigue, back stabbing (with needles), evil twins and unconventional love. Herewith, the bold and beautiful days of our lives... Follicle count Like a rockstar on holiday, I always feel edgy while waiting to start fertility treatment. But when the baseline scan arrives, I am suddenly… Continue reading Carbon based magic

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IVF: That’s what’s up!

"I have a "higher level" question for you Dr Y... If we force people who are not supposed to have children, to have children, are we not tempting fate? Won't we increase our chances of having an abnormal product? Where is the line?" I was both devastated and impressed by my husband's question. Our doctor… Continue reading IVF: That’s what’s up!