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Going rogue on Instagram!

Hey pretty friends! I created an Instagram account linked to this blog. If you're technologically advanced and hip like me (do people still use the term: "hip"? 🙈) please follow me @rogue.scientist. I promise an unhealthy mix of badly drawn cartoons, funny infertility moments, devastating tragedy, hormone flares, crazy happiness and cat photos. *Follow me… Continue reading Going rogue on Instagram!

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Not about me

The rocket ship containing my two little follicles, lovingly nick named The Scientist & The Artist, unfortunately crashed in a fiery explosion. I expected it with severe PMS symptoms and spotting in my second week of the horrible TWW (two week wait). Still, hope is a resilient and foolish creature, always finding Googled symptoms in… Continue reading Not about me

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My Red Hot Chili Pepper

NOTE TO SELF: Even if you wash the peri-peri (extra hot) spice from your hands after eating some amazingly hot Nando's, the chilli molecules will be absorbed by your fingertips, to only be activated when you: a.) Remove your contact lenses (my eyes aaaaaah!) b.) Put in a Progesterone vaginal suppository (suddenly my eyes are… Continue reading My Red Hot Chili Pepper

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Secret stress & panic rooms

It happens unexpectedly. At 4 o'clock in the morning I wake from a dream where a panel of ex-boyfriends are told that I'm infertile and that they all probably dodged the same wonky, polycystic bullet. The grandfather clock chimes: 04:15 - I start thinking about managing the lab team since our boss is on leave… Continue reading Secret stress & panic rooms

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The Artist & The Scientist

Cytoplasmic rapids are rushing over molecular structures. Cells are vibrating and dividing to the rhythm of my biological "ticks" and "tocks". My mitochondria power stations are a bit slow to start this morning. Although it's early, a board meeting is in session and the gods are discussing the rearrangement of my ancestors' DNA. Just like… Continue reading The Artist & The Scientist

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Graciously vulnerable

I never wanted to be the red eyed, slurring, drunk lady at the bar who shares her tragic story with whomever is unfortunate enough to wait a little too long for their cocktail/beer/brannewyn & Coke. We all have that one aunty whose service providers are always unreasonable and that one friend whose boyfriends are always… Continue reading Graciously vulnerable

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Clumsy athletes and anxious angels

Have you seen the little girl, with tangled blonde curls, day dreaming and singing to herself? She has an army of nervous angels surrounding her, as she stumbles over the side walk, narrowly missing her loose shoe lace and oncoming traffic, completely oblivious. My poor angels complain to God constantly about my clumsiness and that… Continue reading Clumsy athletes and anxious angels

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Blind date with destiny

Scented candles and bubble bath. Blues music (Hozier) and a cup of concentrated Earl Grey tea. I'm floating in the waves, preparing for my blind date. My cat drinks the bath water, plays with the bubbles and curls up on the outfit I need to wear. Cats are so chilled about dating. I'm shaving, waxing,… Continue reading Blind date with destiny