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Graciously vulnerable

I never wanted to be the red eyed, slurring, drunk lady at the bar who shares her tragic story with whomever is unfortunate enough to wait a little too long for their cocktail/beer/brannewyn & Coke. We all have that one aunty whose service providers are always unreasonable and that one friend whose boyfriends are always… Continue reading Graciously vulnerable

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Clumsy athletes and anxious angels

Have you seen the little girl, with tangled blonde curls, day dreaming and singing to herself? She has an army of nervous angels surrounding her, as she stumbles over the side walk, narrowly missing her loose shoe lace and oncoming traffic, completely oblivious. My poor angels complain to God constantly about my clumsiness and that… Continue reading Clumsy athletes and anxious angels

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Blind date with destiny

Scented candles and bubble bath. Blues music (Hozier) and a cup of concentrated Earl Grey tea. I'm floating in the waves, preparing for my blind date. My cat drinks the bath water, plays with the bubbles and curls up on the outfit I need to wear. Cats are so chilled about dating. I'm shaving, waxing,… Continue reading Blind date with destiny

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Visualisation and insemination

The sun's reflection rises in the mirrors of Sandton's glass buildings. A light breeze moves the Earth with anticipation. The athletes stretch in silence - comparing confidence, muscles and luck. They take their positions at the start line and the scene relaxes in slow motion. The breeze holds its breath to allow the African drums… Continue reading Visualisation and insemination

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Wondering, wandering, wonderful wonder woman

What do you do when you don't know what to do? No, uh... I'm asking you! I don't quite know how to stumble forward. I am incredibly confused. I don't know what to write and so I force myself to start a story without plot, heroes or... even high school vampires. I start washing a… Continue reading Wondering, wandering, wonderful wonder woman

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Down go the pills and the emotions

In Monday nightโ€™s dream I was lost in the fertility clinic, which looked like an enormous mall, complete with coffee shops, clothes stores and movies. I saw an old Professor from my work, who is very chatty and I started running away from him, avoiding his gaze, evading his questions and hoping he wonโ€™t see… Continue reading Down go the pills and the emotions

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Converting disappointment

My husband went for a 14 km run, hammered some unexpecting pieces of wood in the garage and went to fly his newly modified model helicopter. I watched Friends clips on YouTube, went for breakfast with my mom and bought sushi for dinner.  We watched the movie version of the book I just finished reading,… Continue reading Converting disappointment