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A 12 week wait

My husband and I never allowed ourselves to consider life after a positive pregnancy test. We avoided discussions about names, parenting styles and pregnancy announcements. I stopped imagining a pregnant belly the moment I walked into the fertility clinic and realised that I might never experience pregnancy except in warped dreams. Averting my eyes when… Continue reading A 12 week wait

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Midstream in the Midlands

It wasn’t just emotion inspired by a progesterone over dosage but emotion inspired by a truly beautiful view from our bedroom. Last weekend, my husband and I went away for a romantic getaway to the Drakensberg (Dragon mountain), a mighty mountain range stretching 1000km across three South African provinces. We stayed in a lakeside cabin… Continue reading Midstream in the Midlands

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Serotonin Switches

When you get a new car or you borrow a friend's car, your foot still has to learn the exact pressure needed to accelerate  (without looking like a rude show off) and the exact pressure needed to brake smoothly (without looking like an anxious learner driver).  Not only am I learning to enjoy my new car which I inherited from… Continue reading Serotonin Switches

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Tiger, Tiger, burning bright

I see it in my growing obsession with the full moon, the extra chin hairs that have sprouted and the wildness of my eyes. I feel irritation and irrationality boiling underneath my human skin, my eyes twitching, my growl – a warning. I have lost interest in mundane discussions about traffic and politics – my… Continue reading Tiger, Tiger, burning bright

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Spinal muscular atrophy – A poem

I never thought I would share my deepest secrets with 100 followers! Thank you for letting me vent, allowing me to be lost and accepting me with all my quirks! I'd like to celebrate by sharing one of my poems with you that has been visiting my mind frequently since my Dad-in-law passed away. I… Continue reading Spinal muscular atrophy – A poem

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Carbon based magic

Not unlike a soap opera, IVF is a tale of intrigue, back stabbing (with needles), evil twins and unconventional love. Herewith, the bold and beautiful days of our lives... Follicle count Like a rockstar on holiday, I always feel edgy while waiting to start fertility treatment. But when the baseline scan arrives, I am suddenly… Continue reading Carbon based magic

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Faithless but hopeful

My Facebook message went something like this: “Dear Reverend, I am a member of your church and I’m also a student, studying Human Genetics. We are currently studying evolution and I was thinking how beautifully it fits in with the story of creation. I would just like to know what the church’s opinion is about… Continue reading Faithless but hopeful

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On being an infertile scientist

I used to think of symptoms as clues to guide us scientists to know where to look in the DNA blueprint for mistakes in the genetic code (mutations). Since my father-in-law, who is affected with motor neuron disease (MND/ALS) moved in with us, the term atrophy now means that since last week he cannot pick… Continue reading On being an infertile scientist