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Tiger, Tiger, burning bright

I see it in my growing obsession with the full moon, the extra chin hairs that have sprouted and the wildness of my eyes. I feel irritation and irrationality boiling underneath my human skin, my eyes twitching, my growl – a warning. I have lost interest in mundane discussions about traffic and politics – my… Continue reading Tiger, Tiger, burning bright

ALS/MND Stories · Metaphysics and philosophy

Eulogy of a runner

*I've been spending my time doing a different style of dark writing - eulogies, tributes, acknowledgements and speeches for my Dad-in-law's funeral. It is incredibly challenging & a great responsibility to summarise a life! I'm cheating a bit but I'm exhausted, so... with no further ado: some exerpts of my eulogy speech* -------------------------------------------------- Anonymous husband… Continue reading Eulogy of a runner

ALS/MND Stories · Metaphysics and philosophy

Grave to cradle

These words will not be well thought through. The emotions will be jumbled, the sentences half finished and the spelling unchecked. Because just like that. Oxygen stops being absorbed by the lungs. The last heart beat echos away. My Dad-in-law's soul floats gently through the open window, over the swaying trees of Parktown and Johannesburg… Continue reading Grave to cradle

ALS/MND Stories · Infertility schmertility · Metaphysics and philosophy

Demolition & reconstruction

There is excitement and magic in watching the planned demolition of a building. The crowd gathers for the countdown, the sun beatles screech in the silence and then... The Bang! The tumble, the crash. The boring bit, for which no one hangs around, is the cleaning of the rubble, the sweeping of dust, the planning… Continue reading Demolition & reconstruction

ALS/MND Stories · Infertility schmertility · Metaphysics and philosophy

Sometimes I forget

Scientists go crazy for conferences. We always have an internal competition about who can collect the most freebies from exhibitors; we love a good party with professors dancing on tables and although most of us are introverts, we love to accidently hang out and network with other passionate nerds. Working in the public sector and… Continue reading Sometimes I forget

ALS/MND Stories · Infertility schmertility · Metaphysics and philosophy

Graciously vulnerable

I never wanted to be the red eyed, slurring, drunk lady at the bar who shares her tragic story with whomever is unfortunate enough to wait a little too long for their cocktail/beer/brannewyn & Coke. We all have that one aunty whose service providers are always unreasonable and that one friend whose boyfriends are always… Continue reading Graciously vulnerable

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On being an infertile scientist

I used to think of symptoms as clues to guide us scientists to know where to look in the DNA blueprint for mistakes in the genetic code (mutations). Since my father-in-law, who is affected with motor neuron disease (MND/ALS) moved in with us, the term atrophy now means that since last week he cannot pick… Continue reading On being an infertile scientist