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Faithless but hopeful

My Facebook message went something like this: “Dear Reverend, I am a member of your church and I’m also a student, studying Human Genetics. We are currently studying evolution and I was thinking how beautifully it fits in with the story of creation. I would just like to know what the church’s opinion is about… Continue reading Faithless but hopeful

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On being an infertile scientist

I used to think of symptoms as clues to guide us scientists to know where to look in the DNA blueprint for mistakes in the genetic code (mutations). Since my father-in-law, who is affected with motor neuron disease (MND/ALS) moved in with us, the term atrophy now means that since last week he cannot pick… Continue reading On being an infertile scientist

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The verdict: grab your calendar, map and compass!

"I'm here for my semen analysis..." he whispered self-consciously. The secretary looked at my husband sympathetically: "Good luck Sir, but unfortunately you're on the wrong floor...". After two more wrong turns, every secretary in the building was aware of the lost man, desperate to give his sample to whoever had an empty coffee cup, as… Continue reading The verdict: grab your calendar, map and compass!

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Welcome little one, you are 25% me

I have been typing a patient report for two hours, not being able to get past the first sentence: "This patient presents with..." Babies! Nope... that's not right. This patient indeed did not present with babies. Take a deep breath, let's try again... "The patient presents with..." A FREAKIN' BABY! A gorgeous dark haired baby,… Continue reading Welcome little one, you are 25% me

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Ah, ah, ah, ah, Stayin’ alive! Stayin’ alive!

I'm sitting on top of my bed with the sun washing over my toes, tea incubating in my throat. I'm at home due to unforeseen panel beating issues. Let's just say that we've taken three Uber rides to go pick up my car just to be told that it's not ready for collection. I am… Continue reading Ah, ah, ah, ah, Stayin’ alive! Stayin’ alive!

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The fairy godmother’s honesty policy

A lesson in honesty "Hi Dad! I have a little home-coming gift for you!". My parents have just returned from their foodie vacation in New Orleans and Boston, USA and my sister and I went to welcome them back one afternoon after work. It was the day after my birthday, 18 October, and we were… Continue reading The fairy godmother’s honesty policy